Matters of Trust – Sydney launch

In a discussion chaired by Ashley Hay, criminal defence lawyer Teela ReidDavid Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific and University of Sydney fellow Frances Flanagan take a closer look at their contributions to Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust.

With new work from Anne Tiernan, David Ritter, Cameron Muir, Alex Miller, Sophie Overett, Omar Sakr, John Kinsella and many more, this timely edition of Griffith Review explores the implications and opportunities of a collapse in trust, from diplomacy to the dynamics of the most intimate personal relationships. In asking how we can find connection in increasingly divided and disrupted spaces, Matters of Trust offers stories of transformation, epiphany and hope.

When: 6 pm, Wednesday 19 February
Where: Gleebooks, Glebe, Sydney
Tickets: $9–12, gleeclub free (available online)

Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust is published with the support of ANZSOG.