Counterfeit Culture at Avid Reader

Join Editor Carody Culver as she talks taxidermy, folklore and conspiracy theories with Griffith Review 79 contributors Martine Kropkowski and Alex Philp.   Griffith Review 79: Counterfeit Culture explores the appeal of stories, objects and experiences that offer the false promise of authenticity. From the imitation game and the uncanny valley to con artistry, trickery and scams, this edition unveils the agony and the…

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A Matter of Taste at Fullers Bookshop

Join us for a hearty conversation about Griffith Review’s flavour-packed food-themed edition, A Matter of Taste.

Paul Barclay, host of ABC RN Big Ideas, will be tucking into a smorgasbord of culinary subjects with talented contributors Matthew Evans, Sam George-Allen and Yves Rees, from the slippery connections between witchcraft and brewing to the surprising origins of the milk wars to the profound human ritual of coming together around a meal.

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A Matter of Taste at Avid Reader

Tuck in to a feast of flavoursome new writing from the brand new food-themed edition of Griffith Review! Join Editor Carody Culver for a delectable conversation about art, bodies and consumption with contributors Jumaana Abdu, Kris Kneen and Elizabeth Willing.

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A Matter of Taste at Better Read Than Dead

Raise a glass to the secret feminist history of beer and get the scoop on diet culture in this hearty conversation about Griffith Review’s flavour-packed new food-themed edition, A Matter of Taste. Join Editor Carody Culver as she talks to contributors Sam George-Allen and Sam van Zweden about the slippery connections between witchcraft and brewing, the dangerous evangelism of wellness and the covert power of ‘women’s work’.

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Real Cool World at Fullers Bookshop

Griffith Review 77: Real Cool World explores Antarctica as the site of human endeavour – from glaciology and marine biology to geopolitics, international law, big ships and more – and as a canvas for the imagination.

Paul Barclay, host of Big Ideas on ABC Radio National, will be in conversation with Australian Antarctic Division Chief Scientist Nicole Webster, Program Leader Tas van Ommen and Walkley Award-winning journalist Jo Chandler to discuss this collection.

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Acts of Reckoning at Blue Mountains Writers Festival

As Australia moves closer to the generous offer from this continent’s First Peoples to walk together and forge change through dialogue, what might be possible when reconciliation between the world’s oldest continuing culture and one of its newest nation states is achieved?

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Real Cool World at Byron Writers Festival

Griffith Review 77 edition editor Ashley Hay and contributors James Bradley and Jo Chandler take a cool look at the one continent on Earth truly free of national government, where human ideas of exploration, investigation and fantasy play out.

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Real Cool World at Avid Reader

From climate science, glaciology and marine biology to geopolitics, international law and more, Griffith Review 77 explores subjects and stories from the planet’s deepest south.

Join edition editor Ashley Hay as she celebrates the launch of Real Cool World in conversation with contributors Jo Chandler, Coen Hird and Favel Parrett.

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Acts of Reckoning at The Wheeler Centre

Griffith Review 76: Acts of Reckoning examines some of the complexities at play in Australia’s long and fraught journey towards centering First Nations peoples, cultures and knowledges. In this special panel event, Megan Davis, Teela Reid, and Henry Reynolds discuss the need for homegrown truth-telling with host of ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas Paul Barclay.

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