The European Exchange
Edition 69

The European Exchange

As Europe is thrown into sharp relief by a devastating pandemic, Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange explores the deep and complex relationships between Europe and Australia, and discusses how Australians of many backgrounds have contributed to a longstanding dialogue that enriches both continents.

Edited by Ashley Hay and Natasha Cica, The European Exchange features contributions from Christos Tsiolkas, Robyn Archer, George Megalogenis, Julienne van Loon, Christian Thompson, Arnold Zable, Gabriella Coslovich, Anthony Macris, and many more.

Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange is published with the support of the Australian National University.

If you missed the webinar launch of Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, hosted by the Australian National University, you can listen to a recording of the conversation below.


Natasha Cica and featured contributors Frank Bongiorno (Australian National University), Tim Bonyhady (Australian National University), Kate Dooley (University of Melbourne) and Stuart Ward (University of Copenhagen) explore the richness of the links, legacies and points of difference between Australia and Europe in terms of policy, culture, memory and more. What is the impact of current challenges on the exchange between Europe and Australia – and how might its future possibilities be reimagined? This conversation celebrated the national launch of The European Exchange.


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RRP: 27.99 / Publication Date: Jul 2020 / ISBN: 978-1-922212-50-4 / Extent: 304pp / Formats: Paperback (234 x 153mm), eBook

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