Vicki Laveau-Harvie

Vicki Laveau-Harvey

Vicki Laveau-Harvie was born in Canada, but lived in France for many years before coming to Australia. She is a former academic and translator, and taught ethics in a primary school after retiring. Her memoir, The Erratics (4th Estate, 2019), won the 2018 Finch Memoir Prize and the 2019 Stella Prize.


The perennity of love

MemoirAS THE PANDEMIC begins to bite in March 2020, many people report exceptionally vivid dreams, recurring nightmares. The phenomenon is widespread enough to feature in news bulletins. Experts are interviewed. I am pleased that dreams have become newsworthy, but I...

A vapour trail across the sun

MemoirI AM AN amazingly fortunate woman. I am an author, well into my seventies, published for the first time. My memoir, The Erratics (4th Estate, 2019), sits on shelves in bookshops, its starry night-sky cover facing hopefully outwards: a book successful...

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