Tom Conley

Tom Conley

Tom Conley is an Adelaide boy who now lives in Brisbane with his son Max. He is Senior Lecturer in Political Economy in the Griffith Business School. He teaches political economy and Australian foreign policy.

His most recent book is the 2009 David Harold Tribe Philosophy Award winner The Vulnerable Country: Australia and the Global Economy, UNSW Press. In 2009, he also edited (with Michael Heazle and Martin Griffiths) a volume called Foreign Policy Challenges in the 21st Century.

He is a regular contributor to debates about the impact of economic globalisation on Australia, having written over 40 book chapters, journal articles and reviews over the past 10 years.


The politics of prosperity

Essay‘Luck always seems to be against those who depend on it.'THIS IS A lucky country. The challenge is to keep it lucky, and the danger is that thinking we are fortunate may make us complacent about real and ever...

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