Tanveer Ahmed


Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a private psychiatrist based primarily in western Sydney. As part of his practice he regularly sees clients in the forensic system.

He is the author of migration memoir The Exotic Rissole (New South, 2011) and was previously a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald and a cadet journalist at SBS Television.

He is a local councillor in the City of Canada Bay.


Trauma, work and adversity

GR OnlineBARRY ENTERED MY office in a whirl of fluorescence, hyperventilation and dirt. His workplace referred him to me under the banner of ‘veteran affairs’ due to his past army service. After a verbal altercation with a fellow worker, he...

The bottom of the pit

GR OnlineI ASSESSED OFATO in the visitor section of Silverwater jail in Sydney's western suburbs. Anxious, expectant relatives were directed, by stern guards, towards a large room filled with plastic chairs and tables, where they waited for their precious minutes...

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