Tadhg Muller


Tadhg Muller is a Tasmanian writer. He has spent the last fifteen years in the UK and France, after some rambling. His novella In Lieu of a Memoir was published by Open Pen in the UK in 2019. His piece ‘Remembering 1939’ was published in Griffith Review 39: Tasmania – The Tipping Point?


Sous le soleil exactement

Memoir…AND WE FOUND ourselves in the old Anjou capital, Angers, in the Pays de la Loire, adrift in the wake of the Brexit referendum, midway through a French presidential election, turning left and right, hoping we wouldn’t be flattened...

Remembering 1939

GR OnlineI STILL COULDN'T' get my head around landing. Perhaps it was the economics; Australia, after all, had been all but immune to Europe's recent doldrums, to the economic upheaval of much of the world. That was it in part,...

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