Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin is a writer, and for twenty years the creative director and executive producer of Big hART.  His collaborative projects have won many awards. Scott was named 2018 Tasmanian Australian of the Year. He is an Australia Council fellow and lives on the north-west coast of Tasmania with his partner, artist Rebecca Lavis, and their children Darcy, Locky and Ginger.


Time for spart: sport + art

EssayI LIVE AND work in the poorest electorate in the poorest state in the country, on the north-west coast of Tasmania. It may be beautiful, with the cleanest air in the world – Cape Grim beef chew the cud...

Soggy biscuit

EssayIN THE FIRST month of John Howard's government, my then toddler son offered the new prime minister a soggy biscuit. That moment came early in my attempt to set up a savvy arts-based company that could experiment with cultural...

Tasmanian utopias

EssayOVER THE PAST three decades, the green hinterland beyond the population centres of the state has held an increasing allure for those working in the ideas, design, gourmet, boutique, arts, slow, simple, bespoke, specialist, teacher, media, craft, commentator, software,...

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