Associate Professor Robert Nelson is Associate Director Student Experience, Monash University. Among Robert’s favourite themes are method and vision, as in ‘Toward a history of rigour: an examination of the nasty side of scholarship’, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 2011, and his book The Jealousy of Ideas, Goldsmiths 2009. Robert has a research interest in sustainability, with his book The space wasters: the architecture of Australian misanthropy, PIA 2011, and Moral Sustainability and Cycling, St Andrews 2010. He has written 1,000 articles as art critic for the Age, as well as two books on art, The Visual Language of Painting, ASP, 2010, and The Spirit of Secular Art, Monash 2007. Robert is a painter himself, creating scenic backdrops for Polixeni Papapetrou.

Pieces by Robert Nelson

Thinking for money
Edition 36: What Is Australia For?

Griffith Review