Peter Stanley


Professor Peter Stanley of UNSW Canberra was formerly the principal historian at the Australian War Memorial and is the author of thirty books, mainly on Australian military history.

His latest is Armenia, Australia and the Great War (NewSouth, 2016), co-authored with Vicken Babkenian.


Diminishing city

EssayEXACTLY FIFTY YEARS ago, in the spring of 1966, my family left the Pennington Migrant Centre in Adelaide to drive up Highway 1 to Whyalla. Our destination, BHP’s Milpara hostel, was a full day’s journey away in a second-hand...

A hundred in a million

EssayMARTIN O’MEARA, A Tipperary man who had enlisted in Perth, was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) for carrying both wounded comrades and ammunition under shellfire at Pozières in August 1916. In 1919, he returned to Perth with three wounds...

Threat made manifest

EssayDARWIN AIRPORT WAS the very first bit of Australia that I stepped onto as a nine-year-old migrant on the afternoon of September 23, 1966. My family was part of a plane load of ten-pound migrants bound for a new...

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