Paddy O’Reilly


Paddy O’Reilly is the author of a collection of award winning short stories, The End of the World, a novel, The Factory, and a novella, Deep Water.

Her national and international story awards include The Age, the ‘Judah Waten’, ‘Zeotrope All-Story’ (USA) and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Competition (UK).

Her stories have been widely published and broadcast, and anthologised in Australia and overseas in collections such as Best Australian Stories and New Australian Stories.


The city circle

FictionI LIVE IN a suburb where no politician lives and therefore the trams run infrequently, often late and without proper brakes. Two, three times a month, when the driver applies a little pressure to the brakes, we are all...

The salesman

FictionSelected for Best Australian Stories 2010MARLY SAT ON the front veranda, waiting. Shaun and Azza had been working on Azza’s car all day, driving Shaun’s ute to the wrecker’s for parts, taking Azza’s black V8 for spins around the...

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