Olivera Simić

Olivera Simić

Olivera Simić is a lecturer with the Griffith University Law School.

Originally from the former Yugoslavia, Olivera has lived and studied in Eastern and Western Europe, the USA and South America.

Her research engages with transitional justice, international law, gender and crime from an interdisciplinary perspective.


League of their own

GR Online'It is now more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier in modern conflicts.'– Major General Patrick Cammaert, 2008, former UN Peacekeeping Operation commander in Democratic Republic of Congo.WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) was founded...

Surviving peace

GR Online‘We should kill our pasts with each passing day. Blot them out, so that they will not hurt. Each present day could thus be endured more easily; it would not be measured against what no longer exists. As things...

Letters from Sarajevo

MemoirFROM OLIVERA Sarajevo, 2 December 2011'How are you?''Today, better than tomorrow.'This is a new, dark joke I heard in Bosnia. Once the reply to this question was 'Today, better than yesterday', but not anymore.Sarajevo has changed. There are many...

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