Melanie Cheng

Melanie Cheng

Melanie Cheng is a writer and general practitioner based in Melbourne.

Her debut short story collection, Australia Day (Text, 2017), won the 2018 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction. Her debut novel, Room for a Stranger, was published by Text in 2019.


The human factor

MemoirI would like to believe in the myth that we grow wiser with age. In a sense my disbelief is wisdom. Those of a middle generation, if charitable or sentimental, subscribe to the wisdom myth, while the callous see...


FictionFor the second edition of our summer-reading list for 2019 we return to Melanie Cheng's novella 'Muse', which was published in Griffith Review 54: Earthly Delights – The Novella Project IV. Cheng's prize-winning novella sees an aging, grief-stricken and guilt-ridden...

Ticket-holder number 5

FictionFOR AS LONG as she could remember, Tania had carried a canister of capsicum spray in her workbag. She’d never had cause to use it but she believed it was only a matter of time. Last Christmas Eve, Sheila...

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