Lea McInerney

MCINERNEY, Lea (cropped)

Lea McInerney’s writing has appeared in literary magazines and on footpaths, library receipts and billboards. She is a recipient of a Varuna/Griffith Review residency award in support of a book she’s writing about the history of contact between Ngadjuri traditional owners and the colonial settlers of the Clare Valley, where she grew up. She can be found at leamcinerney.com.

She can be found at leamcinerney.com.


Learning the local language

EssayIT WAS IN a Melbourne museum that I realised I didn’t know the traditional name for the area in South Australia where I’d grown up. I was leaning over a large map of Victoria carved in wood and displayed...

Field notes on death

MemoirI WAS IN a foul mood a few weeks back. In a flash of bleak insight, I wrote on a scrap of paper: I hope I don't die today, this would be a very bad mood to die in.When...

More than two stories

EssayA FRIEND ASKED me what drew me to live in Tasmania on and off for the past thirty years. I sketched an outline of the island on a blank page in my notebook.'It's a heart,' I said.'It could be...

Life on JobKeeper

MemoirIN SEPTEMBER 2020, two months into Melbourne’s second lockdown, I was in my local park doing my allotted hour of physical activity when a pleasant feeling that wasn’t just feel-good-exercise-chemicals flowed through me. A surprising thought followed: ‘I’m really happy.’ I’d just...

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