Kristi Mansfield


Kristi Mansfield is a published commentator and leader in the technology industry, with a history of innovation within Sydney’s philanthropic, not-for-profit and social sectors. Named one of the Australian Financial Review‘s 100 Women of Influence in 2015, Kristi is now director of strategy in the Asia Pacific for a global technology company. She holds a BA Communications and a Masters in Philanthropy and Social Investment.


An algorithm for altruism

GR OnlineIN 2013, FORMER US President Barack Obama identified inequality as the defining challenge of our time, and claimed it as a cornerstone motivator for his administration. Without the actions taken by the Obama administration during its two terms to...

Disrupting Silicon Beach

ReportageIT’S EARLY FEBRUARY 2014 in Paddington, Sydney at a tucked away, charismatic oasis in Underwood Street. Hidden to most people except investment seekers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, the event is the launch of the Springboard Australia accelerator program for female...

Back to base

EssayTINA IS BEAUTIFUL and hopeful, but she tells me she checked herself into hospital at the age of nine to escape her stepfather's sexual abuse. She says she had no idea this desperate cry for help would lead to...

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