Jarni Blakkarly


Jarni Blakkarly is a Melbourne-based investigative journalist and writer of Malaysian heritage. He is the winner of a Young Walkley Award. 

He tweets at @jarniblakkarly.



GR OnlineTHURSDAY, 26 JANUARY 2017 is a grey, overcast day in Sydney. Along the harbour front thousands of people gather, stretching out picnic blankets and chairs and settling in for the afternoon. Children pile their shoes up at the entrance...

Behind the mask of an emergency

EssayWinner, 2016 Walkley Young Journalist of the Year Awards – Student Journalist of the Year categoryTHERE WERE MANY things I didn’t understand. I grew up in Melbourne with my Anglo mother and didn’t have much exposure to the Chinese–Malaysian...

Manufacturing a co‑operative future

ReportageDRIVING INTO MORWELL, on the long highway from Melbourne, the first things you see are the smokestacks of the Yallourn Power Station. On a grey overcast morning the thick smoke coming out mingles in the air with the clouds...

Same old new village

FictionWe pass the food market, and the dining hall, where each morning I would take my grandmother to eat yong tofu, hot noodle soup with fishballs and stuffed tofu. She said she always wanted to eat, but in reality she wanted to show me off to her old friends.

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