Holly Ringland

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Holly Ringland’s first novel, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, was published by 4th Estate in 2018. It has sold in more than thirty territories and won the Australian Book Industry Award General Fiction Book of the Year in May 2019. Bruna Papandrea’s production company Made Up Stories has acquired screen rights for a forthcoming eight-part TV series. Holly can be found at hollyringland.com.


The market seller

FictionEMILY IN THEIR SMALL and trusted circles, people still talked about the woman in secretive whispers. She came to the weekend markets only once. Sold her candy at a temporary stall used by visiting vendors set between a fresh flower...

Might be rainbows

MemoirThe third edition of Griffith Review's Sunday-reading summer features Holly Ringland's memoir 'Might be rainbows'. In this moving memoir, Ringland tells the story of her life-changing trip through remote communities in Western Australia to procure Aboriginal artwork, destroying preconceptions...

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