Helen Elliott


Helen Elliott is a Melbourne writer and journalist.


Artificial flowers
The opposite of work

GR OnlineTHEY’D TAKEN OVER a week to drive from Lake Garda, moseying into obscure glacial valleys (he liked poking around) and staying at joints frequented by Europeans who walked in the Alps. This house, the house she’d booked in the...

Encounters with Mrs L BA(OXON)

MemoirAbout suffering they were never wrong,The Old Masters; how well, they understoodIts human position....– WH AudenABOUT GLAMOUR THEY were also never wrong, the Old Masters. Not that I'd seen an old master when I first set eyes on Mrs...

Death and distraction

MemoirSelected for The Best Australian Essays 2011HER SUBJECT IS distraction. She's written a book about it, published by one of those intimidating American academic houses. She's American and has that attractive twangy accent I can never place. South coast?...

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