Heather Taylor Johnson

Since leaving the US in 1999, Heather Taylor Johnson has found a home in Adelaide, where she earned a PhD in Creative Writing and lives with Dash, her three children – Guthrow, Sunny and Matilda – and their dog, Tom.

She is a poetry editor for Wet Ink magazine and the author of the poetry collection Exit Wounds.

Recently she has decided that she adores writing reviews, and has done so for Cordite, Mascara, Overland, Wet Ink and Independent Weekly.


The subject beneath the object

FictionIn 1990, a group of medical researchers theorised that Vincent van Gogh suffered from Ménière’s disease, rather than epilepsy. Ménière’s disease is an inner-ear disorder, causing vertigo and a fullness of the ear that leads to constant noise – something...

Sous chef

PoetryThey have to go.  – Trump This is how I remember you: Thursday nights, stray curlsstrong arms, beads & masks, stretch pants, your brown skinso light and warmI think it meltsin fractions of milliseconds. On Thanksgiving you made empanadas.Next to you...


PoetryOutside and the blue below,the forming and vanishing slits of white:the Pacific Ocean. Always that momentdeep into the fifth hourgoing on the eighthwhen a settling has overcomemy upright seated body.My eyes rest on nothingbut space through the rounded windowand...

Sophia Street ghost stories

PoetryWe sat beading on the couchnecklaces which would carry colourto our vegetarian cosmetic-free skin.No secret we lived in a morgue from Civil War daysand this south of the bloody Mason-Dixon lineso the patter of running feet that followed the...

Best little pub in Australia

PoetryThe flies lazy on the bottle's rimand the unsuspecting fingeron the walls and tapsand looking at reflectionsin the dust-streaked mirror. The man drinks Victoria Bitter in the bright green cangrass is greenand water does flowand once there was a wifein...

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