Hamish Townsend

Adam Muir

Hamish Townsend is a Geelong-born freelance writer who spent time living in the remote indigenous community of Maningrida in Arnhem Land. In the past year, he has been published in a variety of publications including The Age, The Australian, Inside Sport and Dazed and Confused.

Hamish has since returned from Arnhem Land and is now living in Footscray (on the Geelong train line). At the urging of his brother, he has finally bought a membership to Geelong Football Club.

Hamish redeemed his poor high school results by winning the 2006 Griffith University Academic prize while studying his masters.


Born to run

MemoirMOST BIG CITIES have a smaller, poorer offspring that never manages to wear its pants quite right. London has Essex, Manchester has Bolton, Sydney has Wollongong, Adelaide has Elizabeth, New York has Newark and Melbourne has Geelong.Geelong is where...

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