Georgia Blain (1964–2016)

Georgia Blain

Georgia Blain published numerous novels, short stories and essays, with her work often being short-listed for major literary awards. Her memoir, Births Deaths Marriages (Random House, 2008), is on the Reading Australia list.


The story my mother tells me

MemoirTHE STORY MY mother tells me goes like this: I was late, not too late, but late enough to make the doctors talk about inducing me. There was a full moon and she lay in the hospital bed, the...

The other side of the river

FictionDAVID HAD THE address scribbled on the margin of an article he wanted to finish reading in the car. Ellen didn't know the area. The name was familiar – one of those long roads that stretched for miles, sometimes a...

Her boredom trick

FictionWHEN CLARA FINALLY arrives, she is not only half an hour late, she has also brought her dog with her. It leaps from the car, Clara only just managing to hold onto the lead as she uses the strength...

Enlarged + heart + child

FictionWEDNESDAY IS DOG day. Or dog afternoon, to be more precise. In fact, it's really only a twenty-minute distraction, but when you have so little to cling to you take what you can get.This week Shelly has Max, a...

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