Dianne D’Alpoim

Diane D'Alpoim

Dianne D’Alpoim has worked as an artist, a teacher, corporate public affairs officer and as an activist in both anti-nuclear arms campaigns and the women’s movement.

Born in Yokohama, her nomadic early life provided a varied education, starting in Beijing with a private tutor.

Later life in Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa, Europe and the USA has produced a kaleidoscopic worldview on which she draws for her creative work.

As a writer her work has consisted mainly of interviews and personal diaries. A non-fiction work on her father and grandmother’s lives in pre-revolutionary China currently occupies every available moment.



MemoirA THIRD-GENERATION Asia-born waiguoren – foreigner – I lived until I was eight in Peking, and remember my father wondering aloud whether we were European enough to live anywhere else and, in the same breath, whether we were Chinese...

The message of Al-Masudi

Memoir'He who stays at home beside his hearth and is content with the information he may acquire concerning his own region cannot be regarded in the same way as he who divides his lifespan between different lands and spends...

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