Chris Summers


Chris Summers completed high school in 2005 and is an emerging playwright based in Melbourne..

He was the winner of the Whitlam Institute (University of Western Sydney) and Sydney Morning Herald‘s “What Matters” Opinion Writing Competition 2005 and the Senior National Winner of the Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize 2005.

He won the 2005 Sydney Theatre Company Young Playwright Award, the 2008 St Martins National Playwriting Award (shortlisted in 2010) and a 2009 Script Development Award from Union House Theatre.

Chris is currently completing his undergraduate study at the University of Melbourne.


Beyond the numbers

EssayIT IS SAD that after thirteen years of schooling, education is reduced to a series of acronyms and numbers. BOS, HSC, UMAT and UAC dominate discussion or inspire intermittent bursts of study and guilt while straining once solid friendships....

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