Catherine Gough-Brady

Catherine Gough-Brady

Catherine Gough-Brady is a documentary maker. Her documentaries can be about a variety of subjects and for a variety of media, but the core issue that binds them all, is the social critique that is contained in them.

Catherine’s early documentaries were influenced by Feminism and these films focused on the experiences of ordinary women. She then moved to Melbourne to study at VCA and began making documentaries on industrial disputes.

Catherine established and co-edited an online international journal, Documenter , that looked critically at the issues of documentary filmmaking.

Recently Catherine has divided her focus between documentaries that focus on the arts, especially Australian writers and visual artists, and works which look at the relationship of philosophical movements to the global realpolitik.


Fire words

GR OnlineAT THE PUB in Kinglake, Victoria, a child approaches the fire and stares into it. Newly lit, the fire shoots out sparks as the wood catches. He turns to me and says, 'Look at the embers!', and leans into...

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