Cathal O’Connell

Cathal O’Connell is a researcher in 3D bio-printing with a background in physics and nanoscience. Now based at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, he works with surgeons, engineers and biologists to develop ways to 3D-print body parts. In 2014, he co-authored an e-book about the field, 3D Bioprinting: Printing Parts for Bodies (ARC Centre for Excellence). He is also a freelance science writer, specialising in physics and technology, and has contributed more than one hundred articles to Cosmos Magazine about about space, relativity and quantum mechanics.


The search for ET

EssayOUR WORLD WAS made by a million geniuses. Just switching on a light invokes a chain of historical brilliance going back centuries: from the LEDs developed by semiconductor engineers in 1990s Japan, to the power grid imagined by Nikola...

A modern epic

ReportageI MEET THE immortals on a Wednesday evening in January. We’re upstairs on Russell Street, in a workspace shared by a couple of tech start-ups. Though it’s after 6 pm, most of the workstations are occupied with coders cocooned...

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