Brigid Delaney


Brigid Delaney is a former Sydney Morning Herald journalist now living in London, where she has worked for The Daily Telegraph and CNN. Her articles have also appeared in the Age and the Guardian. She regularly contributes to the opinion pages of the Sydney Morning Herald and is currently writing a book on consumer culture to be published by Melbourne University Press in 2009.


The vulnerability threshold

Reportage"WE TELL OURSELVES stories in order to live." So begins The White Album, Joan Didion's collection of essays about the 1960s. If the '60s were about imposing a new narrative on events – constructing a story out of the times...

Tribes of Berlin

MemoirTHE EARLY DAYS in a new city always feel similar to snorkeling, or taking hallucinogenics, or lucid dreaming – where nothing is fixed in place or context, where people and objects drift by as if disconnected from reality, where...

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