Brent Balinski

Brent Balinski

Brent Balinski is a freelance writer based in Sydney’s inner west and the drummer for rock band Lawyers, Guns and Money.


On annoying a shock jock

MemoirI USED TO have a boring job. Not a terrible job, just a boring one. Everyday, I had to get to Central Station by 12.30, walk up Chalmers Street to the Australia Post building and my desk at Media...

Voice of the people

ReportageWE LOVE A good hoax. When it was revealed that Keith Windschuttle, editor of Quadrant, had accepted a bogus article on genetic engineering, the wide coverage provoked debate about Windschuttle's criticisms of historians for flawed footnotes. Comparisons to famous hoaxes...

Googling me, Googling you

GR OnlineIN FEBRUARY THE Macquarie Dictionary committee named ‘googleganger’ as its Word of The Year for 2010.[i] ‘Googleganger was a very successful coinage, modeled on doppelganger,’ says Susan Butler[ii], the dictionary’s editor, mentioning the splicing of doppelganger with the name...

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