Andrea Koch

Andrea Koch

Andrea Koch grew up on a broad acre farm at Booleroo Centre, in the mid-North of South Australia. She is the fifth generation to have lived in the area and her family still farms the land that was originally settled by her ancestors.

Andrea is an experienced marketer and strategist, her career experience includes twenty years in the telecommunications and media industries. In recent years Andrea has focused on sustainable development, and has completed a Master of Sustainable Development.

She now brings together deep experience in building businesses with today’s agenda for a sustainable approach. Given the “soil in her DNA”, and her deep understanding of the societal transformation required for a sustainable future, Andrea is passionate about bridging the gap between farmers, consumers, business and policy makers and bringing the farming sector into a renewed place of understanding and recognition.

Andrea currently manages the Soil Carbon Initiative at the United States Studies Centre at Sydney University, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.


Turning dirt into soil

EssayWORKING IN SUSTAINABLE food and agriculture means confronting some of the biggest wicked problems of our time: climate change, declining fresh water, a projected global population of nine billion people, and the planet's ability to supply their needs for...

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