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DOCTOR JUNK STOPS his car facing the heavy white gate, from where he can see a few outlying buildings of the Barambah Aboriginal Settlement. He gives a double-blast from his car horn, leaving the engine idling while filling his pipe. After a few puffs he sees a man riding down the hill towards him. The rider has a felt hat, but no shoes, and his horse has a bridle, but no saddle. The man’s buttonless shirt, tucked into his trousers, is open wide enough to see the patterned scars across his chest. The doctor taps out his pipe and pulls a white cloth from his coat pocket.

The black man is smiling as he removes the padlock and chain, and pulls the gate inwards.

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About the author

Matthew Wengert

In 2016 Matthew Wengert co-curated an exhibition of Indigenous ceramics at the State Library of Queensland, and in 2017 he managed the ReFire Pottery...

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