The new campus ideology

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  • Published 20060203
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Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen: a message from the Sydney University Christian Evangelical Union. Make sure you leave Tuesday 1pm free in order to hear three talks on the Book of Isaiah from the Old Testament of the Bible. Carslaw Lecture Theatre 287 at the inner city Camperdown campus. Bring your lunch and tell your friends …

AT THE UNIVERSITY of Sydney, one of Australia’s oldest secular institutions, students regularly spend their lunchtimes listening to talks on the meaning and importance of the Bible. It’s a reality that defies the public stereotype: of uni as a zone of youthful rebellion, free love and political activism. But society has changed dramatically over the past 40 years, as have Australian universities. Most undergraduates spend more time at their part-time jobs than at university. Sydney Uni Evangelical Union (EU) is one of the campus activities that is flourishing, attracting increasing numbers of students to their message: “Jesus Christ is the Lord.”

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Eliza Harvey

Eliza Harvey is an ABC News journalist living in Jakarta.She's a former State Political Reporter in NSW and WA as well a host of...

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