Not quite white in the head

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  • Published 20041203
  • ISBN: 9780733313509
  • Extent: 236 pp
  • Paperback (234 x 153mm)

EARTHSPEAKING? YOU WILL think of it as a big story, a national story. Native Title. Salinity. Landcare. Turn the rivers backwards or find that inland sea. It’s Burke and Wills, it’s the Bushtucker Man, it’s drought and flooding rains, but no. Stop. Pause for breath, since people in a hurry cannot feel. You say: It’s a big country. I say: There isn’t much room for everyone’s big stories.

Things change. Down the track a bit now, some migloo might be thinking: Oh, The Land – something bigger than themselves at last. A chance to be Humble. (It’s hard to be humble when you’re … not.)

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