Responding to climate change

Interviews with researchers working in the Griffith Climate Change Response Program

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  • Published 20190203
  • ISBN: 9781925773408
  • Extent: 264pp
  • Paperback (234 x 153mm), eBook

In his essay for Griffith Review 63: Writing the Country, ‘Climate change, science and country: A never-ending story’, Brendan Mackey examines how scientists must adapt their personal practice – especially in terms of communication – in order to prepare for the increasing uncertainty of climate change. Using this essay as a starting point, Griffith Review spoke with six researchers involved in the Griffith Climate Change Response Program – the multi-disciplinary program, directed by Mackey, that is Griffith University’s research into climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The resulting collection of short interviews with Tim Cadman, Serena Blyth Lee, Johanna Nalau, Rodney Stewart, Rodger Tomlinson and Dan Ware offers scientists and laypeople alike a way into discussions about our planet’s future. Exploring how the gaps between science, people and policy transformation might be bridged, as well as the roles that narrative and activism play in scientific practice, these conversations show how science might be able to help us understand and plan for what comes next.

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