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Andrew Belk

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  • Published 20130724
  • ISBN: 9781922079985
  • Extent: 288pp
  • Paperback (234 x 153mm), eBook

Andrew Belk is a writer, filmmaker who has contributed to Griffith REVIEW since its first edition. His creative work has been broadcast on ABC Radio National and SBS, and he works extensively in the developing world for campaigns advocating child welfare and social justice. In this interview, he speaks about his background in film and journalism, his motivations as a writer, and his story ‘Flying in. Flying out,’ which describes the lives of a couple affected by the culture of fly in, fly out (FIFO) workplaces, is published of Griffith REVIEW 41: Now We Are Ten.

You’re a filmmaker and trained in journalism as well as being a writer, and I wonder whether that background has an impact on the way in which you write?

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