Dinner with my brother

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  • Published 20051104
  • ISBN: 9780733314544
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WENT TO MY brother’s new town house for dinner last night. Bro cooked up a fine dinner – sweet and sour pork using the traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation within our family. After dinner, we got into a discussion re our Chinese names and their meanings. We both agreed that the meaning of a person’s name seems to be more significant in Chinese culture than in Australian culture.

Told Bro that I am not happy with the meaning of my Chinese name. My Chinese name – which my mother has told me is a very pretty name – apparently means “I will skip and pick clover from lush fields”. Hate it hate it hate it.

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Natasha Cho

Natasha/Tom Cho writes short fiction, performs onstage, freelances as a writer/editor and produces arts projects. See tomcho.com for the latest information on this writer.

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